What’s A Product?

This definition hasn’t changed much through time, although the ways you can obtain a product, even without leaving your couch, except to answer the door for the delivery. A product is something you can hold, that you bought, traded, or otherwise obtained in a way, and at a place that I might be able to do the same thing.

So, you just got this new widget from Amazon. That is just the kind of product you might review here. If you went to the Flea Market here in Tallahassee, and found an exceptional buy, and the vendor has other items of this type and quality, you could review both your experience at the Flee Market as well as the great item you found there. The souvenier shop you found on your way to a small town in the mid-west where you found that great … would also be a great topic of review. If it is something you liked that other might also like to know about, then a review is definitely in order.

I see those addictive “spinners” in all the convenience stores, but they are all different. Anybody know where to get the perfect spinner?

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