What is Arts?

Hi! This is the Arts Review page. So, what goes in the category of Arts?

Well, there are many forms of art, and we could provide categories for each sub type, but it seemed better to keep the categories as general as possible to not limit postings in the category.

The well defined areas of art include: Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Weaving, Etc.), Theater, Symphony, Opera, Museums…but may include many other candidates like: Street Musicians, Mimes, and other “Buskers”; Magicians; Contortionists. Basically anything you might consider art and at least one other person would agree with you that it was, even if it is only the artist. OH! I forgot 3D Sidewalk Chalk Drawings!!!

If you don’t think that what you have to review falls within this category, and you can find none other that will work, contact webmaster@miccosukeelandcoop.net and request a new “Review Type”.



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