The One Plus Smart Phone

I’ve owned a OnePlus smart phone since early in the release of the OnePlus 1 almost four years ago. As a retired Debian Developer and a strong supporter of Open Source Software, I was happy to support a product that was both Open Source Software and Open Hardware. These features combined with the knowledge that the team building the phone were the same folks who built some of the most reliable backup software for tablets suggested that I would enjoy this phone much more than I would the crappy Samsung phone I was getting rid of.

The OnePlus 1 that replaced the Samsung was a fine phone and I enjoyed it much more than the old phone. By the time I was ready to upgrade to a newer phone, they were producing the OnePlus 5, and while the OS was still android, they had produced a fork of the Google version which is now called Oxygen, so I bought one. It was in several ways a much better phone than the OnePlus1. The camera was much improved with an on screen 2x feature that was very nice. It was faster and had more security features.

This phone took a lot of damage during its short year of life, and until a few days ago continued to work just fine. Early in its life while sitting in my pants pocket it got a small craze (looking like when a rock strikes your windshield) in the bottom right corner of the screen. I’m not sure just what would have caused it. Something hard and pointed got pushed against the phone while it was in my pocket. In the last month or two a small pock mark showed up toward the middle of the screen. Neither of these caused any change to the operation of the phone. When I bend over, carrying the phone in my shirt pocket, and it falls out, it is never more than two or three feet off the ground. Our house has hard concrete floors with lots of rugs, but I remember the phone landing a short fall to the floor where there was no rug. Shortly after that the screen no longer lit. I was able to determine that the phone still worked (I got calls from telemarketers at the usual times) but the touch screen would not answer a call and showed no lit pixels.

OK, this is disappointing in the extreme, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, so I got online and ordered a new phone. The three day wait was worse than waiting for Santa to come on Christmas.

The replacement I just received is the OnePlus 6¬†and it has made me happy that my old phone died and I was forced to buy a new one. First, it came with a free cover that will cushion in just fine in those two foot falls, even when the floor is hard. It looks like I will still get two to three days on a charge (and it charges in less than an hour), but the camera just gets better and better. That button on the camera that got you 2x magnification can now be slid sideways to give as much as 8x magnification. Maybe now I will be able to get some pictures of the birds at our feeders. Topping off all these fine points is the fact that I didn’t even have to go to the AT&T store to get the phone switched. I just took the sim cards out of the old phone and put them into the new one and that was it. (Well, I did have to wait a bit while it loaded my apps back onto the phone)

I have little empathy with the naysayers who say we are loosing something with all this new technology. I don’t know how we ever got along without them. I can’t get lost anymore, and more than that I can find several stores in the area that might help me, talk to someone in China just like I had them in the next room, ask how may cells in the human body and get an answer (35 trillion if I remember correctly.) I don’t see how any of that is a impediment to better communication.

As you may be able to tell, I am extremely happy with my new phone, and would recommend the OnePlus to anyone needing a smart phone.

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