Sahara Cafe

The Sahara Cafe is larger inside than it looks from the outside. Last Friday Gaylen and I went there for lunch. As it turned out we both ordered the same dish with slightly different sides. The order process is much more like fast food ordering than waitress service. You order and pay at the same time and take a number back to the table so the server can find you when your food is ready.

We tend to arrive before the lunch crowd, and this was no different. We were sitting down by ll:30 and the one person there when we arrived had just left. One couple came in after we sat down so we basically had the place to ourselves which allowed me to show off my new R2D2 toy, running him around the floor for a bit before our food arrived.

Both of our orders arrived together, even though we had ordered separately. We had each ordered the Gyro Platter. Mine with steamed veggies and pasta salad, Gaylen’s with steamed veggies and rice. We both agreed that the veggies were stone cold, and while her rice looked very good, the pasta salad ran very heavy on the dressing and the pasta was a bit overcooked. On the plus side, the lamb was perfect both in being cooked just right and having been very nicely seasoned.

I always enjoy my lunches with Gaylen, and this lunch was no exception, even if the food could have been a bit better. By the time we left, around 12:30 the place was packed with two parties going on and lots more noise that when we came in.

I’m not sure I will go back, although we may have to just to determine if the cold food was an abnormal event, but at this point my experience says you might do better somewhere else for lunch.

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