Midtown Caboose

Gaylen Phillips was sometimes my boss and sometimes a co-worker when I worked at the Division of Cultural Affairs. Over the 15 years I worked there she and I became friends and have maintained that friendship after my retirement. One of the things we do to keep in touch is go to lunch together. We try to find restaurants that are new, not chain, or somewhere we haven’t tried before.

So, when the Midtown Caboose opened up where the Paradise Bar and Grill used to be in that awful intersection of Thomasville  Road and Seventh, we decided to brave the traffic danger and try them out.

While they are basically a hamburger/sandwich shop there are several kinds of Chili, some salads and other options that allow for more than just a sandwich.

After looking over the menu, we both thought we would try the Cuban Sandwich and from our past experiences with lunch we decided to split the sandwich between us as we are neither very big eaters.

We have both eaten as other Cuban restaurants in town, and I can honestly say that this sandwich was at least as good as an other Cuban sandwich I have had. The sandwich was nice and hot and the filling was evenly distributed over the sandwich making each bit a tasty treat.

The service was not overly attentive, and friendly and helpful so we had a good time, a good chat, great food and a helpful waitress whenever we needed her.

As hard as this place is to get into and out of, I would still recommend it as worth that extra effort to get there. Once you are there you should certainly be able to get soup, sandwich, or salad that suites your appetite and taste. We certainly had no problems and enjoyed our stay and left satisfied.

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