What is the Land Co-op all about?

The Miccosukee Land Cooperative (MLC) was incorporated in early 1974. By 1977 40% of the members were living on their land building houses. In 2000 the last deed was issued making the Miccosukee Land Cooperative a member owned corporation. Today we are a community of over 140 members on over 300 acres east of Tallahassee, Florida. Co-op members privately own their own homesteads, which range in size from one acre to several acres each. About 90 acres are preserved in their natural state as common land, owned collectively and enjoyed by the entire membership. Paths and boardwalks connect us to each other and to our wildlife sanctuary. MLC members are drawn together by a common desire to live in a rural area where the land and environment are respected and interaction between neighbors is a sought-after experience. All activities (other than paying assessments for necessities such as taxes and insurance) are purely voluntary, allowing each person to choose the level of sharing and socializing he or she prefers. We are a diverse group in age, occupation, and religious practice. Many long-time members have reached retirement age, and many children who grew up here have families of their own, many still nearby or in the community. Despite busy lives, we make time to celebrate our milestones and achievements and to support one another in times of sickness or tragedy. We continually try to find more time to work, eat, talk, and sing together. We walk separate paths but we always give thanks for our land and precious community.